I already had surgery, but I’m still in pain.

Now What?

If you’ve already had spinal surgery but you are still experiencing chronic pain, your surgery may have failed or the techniques are outdated and you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for. A revision spine surgery may be just what you need to correct the underlying problem and relieve your pain.

Revisions are often recommended for failed spine surgeries because of improper diagnosis, post-surgical complications, or a variety of other conditions. In some cases, no further surgery may be of benefit; however, frequently residual problems can be treated.

Conditions that often require revisions include:

  • Recurrent pinched nerves following decompression
  • Fracture or slippage after spine surgery
  • Failure of fusion (Pseudarthrosis)
  • Broken, loose or painful hardware
  • Wearing out of levels above or below a prior fusion (Adjacent Level Degeneration)
  • Flatback (loss of normal swayback causing stooped posture) or other spinal curvatures following fusion

Dr. Bederman will take a conservative approach and will only recommend revision surgery if it is the best option for your future.

His goal is to help relieve your pain and allow you to resume your normal activities including work, exercise, hobbies, travel, and spending time with family. Click the icons below to read a couple of Dr.Bederman’s publications on revision surgery.

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If you are considering revision spine surgery, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bederman in his Orange County office to see if you’re a good candidate for revision spine surgery.

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